Hilton WA Social Housing Competition

Amenity in adversity is a critical issue of dignity in social housing. We propose a design that balances modularity and pre-fabrication with adaptability and adjustability to different site conditions that allows for individual houses to respond to diverse site issues and varied living conditions. Key to all variations of the proposed design is the capacity for the houses to adapt to solar access issues, landscaping, site topography and social considerations in a way that produces meaning through a scarcity of means, rather than a scarcity of meaning in abundance.

In addition to a repeatable 9-square type plan, we propose the use of SIPS (structural insulated panel systems) as the principal construction system. Benefiting from speed of install, a variety of finishes, reduction of additional structure and the modularity and pre-fabrication of these panels, SIPS offers a significant economic efficiency. In addition, SIPS is an increasingly eco-friendly product, providing high insulation values through its polystyrene core and a range of finish options including sustainable timber products like composite weatherboard panels, among others. The SIPS industry in W.A. is also nation-leading, promoting further invention and investment in local industry through its use in projects where speed, repeatability and modularity are important considerations. With a range of finishing opportunities, it is also robust, and repairable through re-cladding or over-cladding the structural panel itself.