Under construction: our Green Hill (Maitland) early learning centre is coming along quickly. The design focuses on creating a sense of the architectural exterior through the use of transitionary indoor/outdoor verandah spaces that create spatial transitions from classrooms, indoor/outdoor play areas and the new courtyard playground.


New projects! We're working on some new projects including this refurbishment of an art gallery in Sydney's CBD. The building is a very significant heritage item - designed by James Barnet and one of the first police stations built in Sydney. Our works involve the internal refurbishment and redesign of the architectural 'cap' of the building to maintain the building into the future as an art gallery and artists precinct. Stay tuned!


Giraffe Early Learning Centre, Sydney: indoor classroom adjacent internal courtyard.


Giraffe Early Learning Centre, Sydney: inside the triple-height handling bay where huge transformers were serviced and maintained is the original gantry crane used to manouevre the equipment around the halls. The new director of the pre-school sits in a plywood 'cubby house' directly adjacent the main entry to the centre, beneath the heritage gantry crane. Photos by @adammadigan Adam Guy Madigan


Paddington Terrace Renovations, Sydney: attic study conversion featuring Blackbutt timber flooring and veneered wall paneling.


Giraffe Early Learning Centre, Sydney: view between classrooms and sleeprooms.


Paddington Terrace Renovations, Sydney.


Giraffe Early Learning Centre, Sydney: pre-school room featuring plywood cladding.


Paddington Terrace Renovations, Sydney: corridor connecting main stair to ensuite and master bedroom. Under the new stair to the attic is a study-nook with exposed brickwork. Photos by @adammadigan Adam Guy Madigan


Paddington Terrace Renovations, Sydney: the rear of the terrace house is open to courtyard and a private stairway accessed from the back lane. Photos by @adammadigan Adam Guy Madigan


Giraffe Early Learning Centre, Sydney: colours are used brightly and boldly in the project, not only to create some sense of fun in the new child care spaces, but also diagrammatically to describe spatial relations (the kitchen pod in yellow) and bright red for fire doors! Photos by @adammadigan Adam Guy Madigan


Paddington Terrace Renovations, Sydney: attic bedroom/study with curved dormer window. Photos by @adammadigan Adam Guy Madigan


SHORTLISTED! Thank you to the juries of the AIA Awards program who shortlisted our Giraffe Early Learning Centre project in the education and heritage architecture categories! Alongside a number of our esteemed and established colleagues, we're honoured to be given the chance to put our first major project out into the world. Congratulations to all shortlisted entries and see you at the awards night! Giraffe Early Learning Centre, Sydney: a winding ramp moves through and around the heritage halls of the electricity substation, bringing visitors up close and personal with original steel-framed windows and winding aroud the kitchen, housed in a yellow 'cubby house' inside the volume of the original transformer halls. Photos by @adammadigan Adam Guy Madigan


Paddington Terrace Renovations, Sydney: a typical Paddington terrace built c. 1900 adapted for contemporary living. The rear facade is opened up to create an outdoor room, connecting rear living spaces with courtyard and roof garden above garage. Photos by @adammadigan Adam Guy Madigan.


Giraffe Early Learning Centre, Sydney: a staggered terracotta tile facade with varying colours and row-heights creates an abstract interpretation of the heritage brick electricity substation adjacent to which our new wing sits. At the rear of the new addition is a reinterpreted suburban backyard - a terraced playground following the topography of the site creating a number of playground spaces for children at the centre. Photos by @adammadigan Adam Guy Madigan


Paddington Terrace Renovations, Sydney: new ensuite bathroom with pink tiles, painted heritage brick and puppy (what else?) Photos by @adammadigan Adam Guy Madigan


Scenes from a Korean Restaraunt: On a strange site sandwiched between highway, residential and industrial areas (but itself zoned only for industrial) this infill building is a purpose built Korean restaraunt in Sydney's west. But with little relevant urban form or built context to which to respond, what does a Korean BBQ joint in western Sydney look like?


SHORTLISTED! Some great news to end the week; our recently completed project, Paddington Terrace Alterations and Additions, has been shortlisted in the Houses 2019 awards program! Supercontext has also been shortlisted in the Emerging Architectural Practice category, alongside talented colleagues from Sydney and abroad. We’re humbled by the shortlisting and thank Houses for this opportunity and the awards program – it’s amazing to sit alongside and be part of the incredibly talented architectural profession in Australia. To be recognized for creating something of quality in a world that is making it harder and harder to produce buildings that contribute to our lives positively is an honour and only spurs on to try harder the next time! We’ll be sharing more photos of this project in the coming weeks so stay tuned! Congratulations to all other shortlisters and see you at the party … Photos by Adam Guy Madigan @adammadigam


Our entry to the 20th Annual Redford Gardens Festival (Jardin de Metis) in Quebec was called "Vertigo"; a modified topography through a simple tilted ground plane provided a sloped surface to roll down. It celebrated a simple pleasure; that of playing, rolling aroud and finding the space in the contemporary urban city to experience a landscape of 'play'.