"Superrock"" was an engorged but somehow sensual gigantic rock that nestled into the garden; a familiar but strange found object. With @guille_pik of @gfa2_architects. Another failed entry to the NGV Pavilion competition.


Glebe Alterations and Additions: Soon to start on site, our alts + adds to a tight, inner-city terrace house uses every bit of space it can find to create usable living spaces, including this under-stair day-bed/nook.


A red cubby house (outdoor storage cupboard!) and 'stage' sits at the centre of this early learning centre near Maitland. Cut out of an existing warehouse, at the centre of the preschool is this courtyard complete with full-size boat to play in!


Great Kemeri Bog Visitor's Centre Competition (Latvia): an internal courtyard organises a series of rooms around a verandah


Studies for a future 'industry 4.0' precinct in western Sydney; public space, podium and tower staged developments - traditional business park structures - sit alongside wide-span artisanal prodcution spaces.


Great Kemeri Bog Visitor's Centre Competition (Latvia): What else completes a visitor's centre other than a car park? At least ours has a lookout tower too ...


The indoor classrooms at our Maitland preschool are simply designed, focusing on natural material tones and soft, diffuse lighting to focus children on their learning tasks. The outdoor play areas, however, are a different story all together ...


Great Kemeri Bog Visitor's Centre Competition (Latvia): bar and restaraunt looking across to the forest beyond.


Behind fold-up "cafe" style doors is an indoor/outdoor play area for this preschool under the existing trusses of this warehouse near Maitland (painted "Fire Engine Red", of course).


Great Kemeri Bog Visitor's Centre Competition (Latvia): a wedge shaped gallery space connects inside and outside through carefuly place apertures.


Another site, another scheme, another dream - the life of an architectural practice; more potential projects pass through our doors than grains of sand through an hourglass (!?) Our archives are a veritable mausoleum of the walking dead: zombie projects - neither alive nor truly dead ...


Great Kemeri Bog Visitor's Centre Competition (Latvia): corridors that link into verandahs create vista's through the centre, sitting under a folded roof draining towards a central courtyard 'impluvium'.


Alterations + additions to Glebe Terrace: stair options options options .... options ....


Studies in our refurbishment of this 1960's church hall in Sydney's Mosman. A new terrace, administrative offices and stripping out those 60s 'stucco' ceiling tiles to expose steel trusses and possible harbour views ...


Boot Factory, Bondi: Our submission to develop feasibility studies to refurbish this abandoned heritage boot-making factory conceived of it as an open ground floor akin to Italian piazzas and their churches.


Studies for a future 'industry 4.0' precinct in western Sydney: borrowing from industrial/agricultural wide span building typologies, maintaining a diversity of building types is critical as Sydney densifies. Without spaces that can properly accommodate new forms of manufacturing, our city's continued densification will leave us with a legacy of small, boxy minimum-sized apartments with little capacity to be adapted into the future.


Inserting a child care centre into an old warehouse in Belmore; a delicate operation of cutting, replacing while maintaining that rapidly dissapearing open space typology in an ever-densifying Sydney.


Sitting adjacent to the heritage church, we hope our intervention looks like, maybe, it was always there; a restrained punctured verandah into the upper storey of the memorial hall.


Tongyeong Shipyard Regeneration: Maintaining an element of production through making is critical in providing local people ways to remain in their city.


Tongyeong Shipyard Regeneration: The ocean pool extends Tongyeong’s identity as a city of leisure connected to its marine history.