We design buildings

 to be efficient, practical and experimental all at once.

We design buildings that maximise the impact and extent of your vision through pragmatic, efficient means - doing more with less - buildings that are equally as experimental as they are practical. Working through a collaborative, options-oriented design process, together we find hybrid solutions that capture the best of multiple opportunities for your project (often when others said it was too hard).

for use and utility, through pragmatic opportunity

We use design to find elegant, sometimes surprising solutions for you despite the complex challenges of the contemporary built environment. We are pragmatic opportunists, searching for strategies to add value to your project through a detailed understanding of construction, design and the built environment. We maintain ongoing research and teaching committments to keep us at the pointy end of contemporary knowledge and information about the built environment.

that are good for the environment, good for people and good for you.

Your project is an opportunity to make a better world for you, but also for your clients and stakeholders, your society and your communities. We are committed to sustainable design practices and our name  declares our belief that your project’s widest context (its supercontext!) can leave the world a better place than when we started.

We don’t do;
Instagram, but in the sort of Stockholm syndrome way?; Facebook much, either; Anything you saw on “the Block”, “Renovation Rescue” and above all “House Rules”; Failing; Succeeding; Being judged.

We do and sometimes like;
Complex problems with imperfect solutions; Humour; Being unseriously serious about how seriously we take our work, but not being too serious about ourselves?; The rough unfinished over asphyxiated perfection; Big words; Texture, colour, depth and confusion (instead of white, more white, gloss white, brass and ‘clarity’); Coffee; Hypocrisy and inconsistency, so ignore all of the above.
What does Supercontext mean?
We believe the context of your project in its broadest sense (its supercontext) - your interests, your stakeholders, your clients and your communities - are the key to making rich, long lasting projects for you and the built environment. 

Understanding these connections is how we make the right project for you, that delivers for you and your stakeholders, and makes the project a positive part of your world and your environment. We are particularly driven to delivering high quality outcomes for our clients in the complex circumstance of the contemporary built environment that make our world a better place for as many people as possible.
Our studio is led by Andrew Daly, NSW Architects Registration #9300. We work across all types of architecture with a particular focus on cultural, educational and commercial projects, preferring complexity and challenge over the straightforward or reductive. We are committed to developing sustainable, quality environments for our clients and our society in all our projects no matter how big or small.

Supercontext is a registered architectural practice in NSW and are governed by a code of conduct. More information about the legal requirements of architectural registration, qualifications and expectations of our services is available through the Architect’s Registration Board of NSW.
Current + Past Team (since 2013)
Bronte Balenzuela, David Gan, Andy Chen, Charles Curtin, Amelie Devaux, Andrew Daly, Eduard Fernàndez, Colette Hortle, Janelle Woo, Alexander Jones, Benjamin Li, Kevin Liu, Angela Kurmann, Robert Meyerson, Caitlin Miller, Leanne Noh, Eleanor Skinner, Wenray Wang, Shuang West, Lani Westerman

We acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, the traditional custodians of the land upon which our studio stands. We pay our respects to the Elders both past and present and acknowledge their connection to land and waters.

We are Carbon Neutral via an offset program through PathZero. We are also actively seeking to reduce our carbon footprint each year as part of our continual improvement policies.