Green Square Aquatic Centre + Gunyama Park

Stage 2 Invited Competition for the Green Square Aquatic Centre + Gunyama Park competition in Sydney’s south. The second stage followed an open, international, anonymous first stage competition with 147 entries, of which we (then known as TYP-TOP Architecture Office in collaboration with Kevin Liu) were shortlisted to compete and bid for the project commission. 

Our entry to the competition focused around producing opportunites for events and activities through a connected landscape of cellular zones, arrayed along a running track looping around the entire site. The aquatic centre itself sat below a public podium also connected by the running track, aiming to maximise and maintain public access to as much of the site as possible into the future.

The introduction of implied spaces for non-specified programs aimed to produce an 'intense', multi-modal centre capable of taking on multiple identities. The adjacency of otherwise atypically associated programs - linked together by the running track - produced a non-singular identity and sought to promote unusual cultural/social interactions that were not specific to one single culture, time or place.

The landscape component of the project - a large parkland area and a synthetic sports field - was conceived of as a cellular landscape of artificial topographies, activity cells and landscaping strategies, presenting an alternative concept of urban landscapes to the contemporary trend of ‘naturalising’ cities by returning them to pre-urban planting species and types. Here we proposed a landscape driven by activity, use, intensity and congestion, presenting a range of linked landscape cells with open-ended opportunities for urban life to take place.
Supercontext Team (then TYP-TOP)
Andrew Daly, Kevin Liu, Shuang West, Wenray Wang

Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects
Professor Anton James of RMIT and JMD Design