Ferry Rd Alterations and Additions (under construction)


A small terrace in a heritage suburb, the brief was to expand the house suitable for a soon-to-arrive expanding family with new living areas, bedroom, bathroom and an improved connection with the rear courtyard nestled behind the existing dwelling. Previously modified in its life, a number of angled walls had been introduced to break the ubiquitous ‘gun-barrel’ side corridor typical to terrace houses which produced compressed space to achieve a tight, angled, ‘switch-back’ stair to the new upper floor. A number of stair options were explored with different architectural interfaces to the dining room and kitchen area.

At the rear of the upper story, the design proposed a bay window with a lattice work of vertical and horizontal panels to provide both shading to the window, and to provide angled privacy screening to the neighbouring rear yards. The window design gains back previous space in a tight residential project while cutting out possible privacy issues and allowing diffuse light into the rear of the terrace.